Let's LEVEL UP your security teams
Offensive Security

You build fortresses that are near-impenetrable. But no network is entirely impenetrable. BRAKK monitors trends and updates our knowledge about typical and business-specific vulnerabilities. We can provide these capabilities for you by actively managing client security, patching and changing software, firmware, and tech as needed.

Often the best way to beat the attacker is to be one yourself! A common practice in the cyber security industry, BRAKK puts on our black hats and attempts to penetrate client systems, posing as an attacker to discover vulnerabilities and mitigate potential paths an attacker may take to access you and your staff’s valuable data.

Your clients have a disaster drill plan for your physical building. Do they need one for their cyber infrastructure as well? One of BRAKKs specialties, and one of the most fun things we do, is game out different common scenarios an attacker may use against you. Hacking, malware, phishing, and viruses are all cards on the table. We develop effective response plans and drills by developing these scenarios, so you’re ready to stop damage before it begins.

Use BRAKK to level up services like:

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Security
  • Tabletop War Games

As the executive in charge of your company, the idea of omnipresence entices you. While BRAKK is not yet capable of offering that service, we can make you feel that way. We do offer videoconference training to help augment your training programs.

While there is a great deal that we can do for you from our nearshore base in Costa Rica, it often pays to have physical staff present in the workplace. On that end, we offer our service training to your staff and trainees so you can put more people in the field.