LEVEL UP cyber defense and readiness

Your business is in constant flux. So don’t let yourself get caught short-staffed. BRAKK can help you get ahead of the wave by futureproofing your business. We provide expert teams across many disciplines to help manage new clients and new security threats.


BRAKK is close to all North American time zones. We’re at our workday peak when you are at yours. We’re an intelligent decision that will save you tons of time, money, and headaches.

Especially since the pandemic, we find ourselves in an intense era of digital connectivity. As a result, cybersecurity has become a mainstay. Thus, software developers and companies are forced to deviate from traditional growth measures to reimagine new ways of maintaining client satisfaction.

To keep up with the fast-changing demands of cybersecurity, we promote learning by having each person on our team dedicate 200 hours per person each year to learning and innovation.

A friend is always ready and reliable. We invest in each other and do the right thing to earn trust. Doing what you love and getting amazing results creates sparks of joy.

Strict ethical or moral principles encourage us always to do the right thing. We believe that knowledge and wisdom are created by a curious mind that learns from failure and success. We accept different people and points of view.

We forecast, predict, and implement security capabilities by understanding our partner clients at the appropriate maturity level. Companies that want to keep up with the times invest, seek, and partner wherever beneficial and convenient.


Our company values and the culture they create power our excellent work. Without values of professionalism and commitment to service guiding us, we wouldn't be the successful company we are today. Let us demonstrate these values in your company today!


With years of helping companies like yours defend against ransomware and data thieves, we are suited to counter the threats you and your company face. But cyber security is a team effort and most effective when all parties maintain vigilance—that’s why we are unique in the cyber security field. As a result, we are not only an effective counter-threat defense. Our staff devotes at least 200 hours per year to their cyber security education, acquiring efficiency at new technologies, knowledge of new attack methods, and learning new practices that can defend against the most adept intruders.


Only through teamwork can we achieve the most secure IT fortress for your clients. We’re not an outsourced company for hire. We are a team player integrated into your company’s operations and aligned with its objectives. We grow and excel towards a profitable future by working hand in hand to solve problems, innovate solutions, and defend against threats. With teamwork, everyone brings something to the table. Every member of our team carries at least one type of cybersecurity certification. There isn’t a single vulnerability or gap in our certified knowledge with our team. Certificates carried by our team members include CISSP, CISM, ISO, CEH, OSCP, PMP, SCRUM, COBIT for NIST, and others.


At BRAKK, we prioritize growth. Growth of our business, your business, staff, and personal development. As technology grows, so should its operators. The BRAKK experience is exponential. We are an investment. Year after year, you find an ever more capable and stalwart defender in us. Our business trajectory shows a

% growth

in physical size and capacity each year. We are a capable and beneficial partner for your company. Now let us show you exactly what we can do for you!

Find the talent in the same continent

Costa Rica, the silicon valley of Latin America, has long been a tech hub destination for world-leading companies like Amazon, HP, and IBM. It seems paradise and tech go hand in hand, as calm weather and bright sunny days reflect the silicon valley attitude.

Costa Rica is a modern country with a flourishing and growing tech infrastructure and a labor force equal to America, Germany, or the UK. It’s not outsourcing. It’s near-sourcing—the same quality of labor as home, at half the cost. Our prices are affordable for any business, even businesses of one. Because in the end, doing business in a safer cyber world is what matters most.

Our Mission

We provide cyber-security teams to North American businesses from our nearshore locations in Costa Rica, bringing top-level capabilities, adept at communicating with your teams and clients, creating near-seamless leveling-up of your service bandwidth.

Our Commitment to Community

We work with orphanage charities and schools in Costa Rica to identify young persons with the aptitude to learn coding, networking, and cyber-security. When we place a potential candidate, we get involved in guiding their education to begin building a high-tech career. As a result, many on the team started their digital educations at these schools.